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Simple space and asset management with sit&work
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What We Provide

a tailored platform for you dynamic space.

Efficient Space Use

Offer quick and easy access through our booking tools to fully utilize your space and resources.

Flexible Management

Our customizable administration features provide simple management of users and resources.

Informed Planning

Our comprehensive statistics allow you to determine which resources are in demand and available.

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we've tailored sit&work to meet all your booking needs.

Availability Search

Simply search and filter to find what's available when you need it

In-Calendar Booking

Interactive booking through our drag-and-drop calendar

Space and Asset Management

Flexibile management for your spaces, assets and amenities

User Access Control

Custom user access levels for booking types and durations

Usage Statistics

Comprehensive usage statistics to help you plan for the future

User Management

Quickly and easily create and manage your users

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